Teneo—Latin for “I grasp, I endure”—is an organization of exceptional young professionals under 40 years of age committed to advancing conservative and libertarian ideas. Shared belief in the values of entrepreneurship, generosity, and human flourishing gives shape to Teneo’s programming.

Hospitality: whether making introductions, opening our home for dinner or a traveler, or reaching out when someone is in a tough situation, we are intentional about investing in each other and creating environments in which people flourish.

Generosity: We are intentional about investing in each other. We engage one another ready to share intellectual, political, social, and financial capital.

Entrepreneurship: We are passionate about effecting significant, positive change. This requires a willingness to rearrange and repurpose bodies of knowledge and the structures to which we are accustomed.

Human flourishing: We seek to nourish the entire person, not just the professional and political dimensions. Teneo conversations extend to family, finances, culture, and spiritual life. Through strong and lasting friendships, we celebrate achievement and console one another amidst challenges.